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They're finally together

Maria, an Italian woman was extrememly religious.
When she was married, she refused to use protection
because she felt that birth control was going
against God's will. She and her husband had seventeen

Maria's husband got sick and passed away. As
time went by, Maria moved on with her life and
married another man. Again, she refused to use
protection because of her religious beliefs.
She and her second husband have fifteen kids.

Again, Maria lost her husband. But, soon after
her husband's death, she passed away as well.
At the ceremony at the cemetery the priest looked
down at the coffin then looked up at the sky
and said, "They're finally together."

This confuses one of the family members at
the service and after the ceremony, asks the

Father," he starts, "back at the cemetery when
you said, 'they're finally together,' did you
mean Maria and her first husband, or Maria and
her second husband?"

The father takes a long look and him and says,
"I was talking about her legs."

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