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My Tax Remittance for 2004

Enclosed is my 2005 Form 1040, together with payment. Please take note
of the attached article from "USA Today" archives. In the article, you will
note that the Pentagon paid $171.50 each for hammers and NASA paid
$600.00 each for toilet seats. Please find enclosed in this package four
toilet seats (value $2,400.00) and six hammers (value $1,029.00). This is
in payment for my total tax due of $3,429.00. Out of a sense of patriotic
duty, and to assist in the political purification of our government, I am also
enclosing a 15 inch Phillips head screw driver, for which HUD duly recorded
and approved a purchase value of $2200, as my contribution to fulfill the
Presidential Election Fund option on Form 1040. It has been a pleasure to
pay my taxes this year and I look forward to paying them again next year
in accordance with officially established government values.

Sincerely, Another satisfied American taxpayer.

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