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An Indian Story

Running Doe, a young Native American woman went to a doctor for her first
ever physical exam. After checking all of her vitals and running the usual
tests, the doctor said, "Well, Running Doe, you are in fine health. I could
find no problems. I did notice one abnormality however."

"Oh, what is that, Doctor?"

"Well, you have no nipples."

"None of the people in my tribe have nipples," she replied.

"That is amazing," said the doctor. "I'd like to write this up
for The South Dakota Journal of Medicine if you don't mind.

She said, "OK."

"First of all" asked the doctor, "how many people are in your tribe?"

She answered, "Approximately 500."

"And what is the name of your tribe?" asked the doctor. Running Doe
replied, "We're called .

"The Indiannippleless Five Hundred"

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