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After his legs had been broken in an accident, Mr. Miller sued for damages,
claiming that he was crippled and would have to spend the rest of his life
in a wheelchair.

Although the insurance company doctor testified that his bones had healed
properly and that he was fully capable of walking, the judge decided for the
plaintiff and awarded him $500,000.

When he was wheeled into the insurance company office to collect his check,
Miller was confronted by several executives. "You're not getting away with
this, Miller," one said. "We're going to watch you day and night. If you
take a single step, you'll not only repay the damages but stand trial for
perjury. Here's the money. What do you intend to do with it?"

"My wife and I are going to travel," Miller replied. "We'll go to Stockholm,
Berlin, Rome, Athens and, finally, to a place called Lourdes--where,
gentlemen, you'll see yourselves one hell of a miracle!"

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